The best van for plumbers

When looking for a commercial vehicle, whether you are buying your first new van or expanding your fleet, ensuring that you purchase the right van is as important as the new van deal.

The question we get asked daily is, should I buy a new van?

With some commercial vans such as the ‘Nissan Primastar’ offering a manufacturers warranty of 5 years.

The reliability and peace-of-mind factor plays a huge part in knowing, that your fleet will be busy fulfilling whichever job is required. From time-sensitive food deliveries or an emergency boiler repair.

Having a fair load length is important to ensure you can fit all your tools and equiptment to carry out the job on hand. 

Our personal opinions for the best vans for plumbers;

  1. Renault Trafic
  2. Nissan Primastar
  3. Ford Transit Custom 

With all of these vans, you get the load length that you’ll need and depending on the specification you choose, you will benefit from rear-cameras, alloy wheels, sat nav, cruise control and much more!