Should I buy or lease a van?

The main factor between buying and leasing a vehicle is ownership. When you purchase a van, you own it, its yours.

However, with leasing, you will pay a monthly payment on the vehicle, which maintenance can also be added in addition which covers you for servicing, tyres and other benefits and then in most cases you return it to the leasing company at the end of your contract.

The decision lies with you and what suits your business requirements


All of our vans are available to buy as an outright purchase. When you purchase the van, you own it, its yours to do whatever you want with it, the downside to this is tying up valuable cash flow of paying the full amount outright for the vehicle.

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With leasing, it usually covers your road fund licence for the term and also warranty. If you decide that you’d like maintenance added, this covers you for servicing and sometimes tyres too! You also have the benefit of driving a brand new van, sometimes the most recent face-lift model without worrying about selling the vehicle, or wondering how much it’ll be worth in 3 years time. You’ll pay an initial rental upfront, which can be selected by you, usually anything from 6-12 months upfront, then you can select your lease term between 12-60 months and set your annual mileage at the start, which in some cases depending on the lender you may have an option to adjust the mileage during the term, and then simply return the van at the end, with any excess mileage charges and potential fees and choose your next van.

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